Why Is Sexual Shame So Personal?

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At the beginning of this year, I asked my readers to ask me all their questions about sexual shame.  I was very surprised by the responses. Therapists usually ask me questions about their clients; this time it was different. Most of the questions that came my way were personal.  This tells me two things. First […]

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Troubleshooting Orgasm Problems (Part One)

X-ray of chest, showing ribs and heart

Orgasm is a reflex response to a sustained high level of arousal. Many different kinds of stimulation can lead to orgasm; whether you’re talking about an orgasm from direct stimulation of erectile tissue, or a “g-spot orgasm,” or a “braingasm,” that definition binds them all together. That means that you have two strategies you might […]

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How Sex Changes in Midlife


I’m continuing to answer questions sent in by my readers. This week, I’m tackling one that comes up quite a lot: Why does sex change so much for women in midlife, and what can they do about it? First off, it’s worth acknowledging that everyone, regardless of gender, moves through different life stages that affect […]

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