Rules for poly relationships? It’s not that simple.

Sometimes couples considering polyamory are advised to create a rule book laying out the boundaries of the relationship. This is a common idea about poly: if you have enough rules, everyone will feel safe and secure. Partners simply promise not to engage in activities, or under circumstances, that make one another uncomfortable. However, creating a […]

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Good Sex Over A Lifetime

Our bodies are diverse in shape, size, color, and ability, among other things. Every body is unique. One thing, however, binds us all together. We all age, and as we age, our bodies change. One of the things that is likely to change over the lifespan is sexual function. Over a lifespan, hormone levels shift, […]

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Getting What You Really Want Out of Sex

Asexuality is valid

In my last post, I made a case for why good sex is not about a particular sequence of events, but how we interpret and understand those events. What might be a disappointing sexual encounter to one person could be perfectly satisfactory for another–all based on the meaning they make out of what happens, whether […]

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