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I started blogging in 2016. Now, two years later, I’ve amassed a pretty significant backlog of posts, each of which strives to provide something of value to therapists and individuals: useful tips about building fulfilling relationships, sorely-needed little-known facts about sexuality, answers to pressing questions from my subscribers and students. When my course started at […]

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Becoming a Real Expert: Kelly’s Story

Last year, I received a frantic message from one of my colleagues, Kelly. She had been asked to give an interview with a local TV station—to give a couples counselor view on how couples improve their sex life. How could she handle this? She didn’t want to flub the interview or come off like she […]

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Working With Undisclosed Sex Pain: Vivian’s Story

In my last post, I told you about one of my experiences working with sex pain and desire discrepancy in therapy. Today’s story from the therapy room comes from Vivian, who lives and practices in Sydney, Australia. Vivian recently took my 16-week online course “Assessing and Treating Sex Issues in Psychotherapy.”  Vivian writes: I would […]

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