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Pathways to Intimacy After Trauma:
7 Steps For Helping Clients Heal

How do you help partners reconnect when the past wounds
of sexual trauma aren’t fully healed?

Expert guidance, in-depth discussion, and live Q&A.

In this live webinar, I’ll share:

  • How to bring up sexual intimacy in therapy when your client is a trauma survivor
  • How to ensure that your assessment uncovers the most pressing issues
  • How to move forward with treatment in concrete and appropriate ways
  • Three of the most common sex issues therapists see that are related to trauma, and how to work with them
  • Seven steps to healing that will guide your treatment plan, and your clients’ healing journey
  • Detailed consultation on a real case from one of your colleagues
  • And so much more!

Join me March 22, 1 pm CST, for your complimentary webinar.

If you can’t make that date, don’t worry! I’ll send you a link to the recording, so you won’t miss a thing.

Plus, when you sign up, you’ll get access to my in-depth article series:

Your Most Pressing Questions, Answered: Expert guidance for tackling your toughest desire discrepancy cases.

The five-part series will show you how to:

  • Understand the impact of midlife bodily changes on desire and have ways to help
  • Support higher-desire partners in overcoming resentment, hopelessness, and frustration
  • Help clients rekindle the spark in their relationships after it’s fizzled out
  • Counteract subtle psychic pressure, whether internal or external, so that desire can bloom
  • Deal with “she wants sex, he doesn’t” situations, in which desire discrepancy is compounded by shame about not matching up with cultural gender norms
  • And so much more!

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Here’s what people are saying:

Every time I have heard Martha present, I have implemented what I have learned in my sessions right away. I am incredibly grateful for all I have learned from her and believe the couples I work with have benefited from all she has taught me.

Kelly Scharver, Couples Counselor, Virginia

She’s the complete expert in what she does, and has a way of making complicated subjects really easy to understand.

Nancy St. John, Couples Counselor, Ireland