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My mission is to help all therapists feel comfortable, competent, and confident discussing sex and relational intimacy in therapy.

Sex and sexuality are natural, healthy aspects of life! For many people, they are also important parts of developing a sense of identity and connecting deeply in relationship. Yet few therapy training programs address sex and sexuality adequately or equip their graduates with immediately applicable, effective strategies for discussing sexual concerns with clients.

Some clients turn to specialists, such as certified sex therapists, to discuss their concerns. But there aren’t nearly enough specialists to help everyone who has a sex issue, since sex issues affect everyone at one time or another. And frankly, many clients with concerns about sex don’t actually need a specialist. They do need a therapist who can discuss sex and relational intimacy comfortably and skillfully, use effective treatment strategies, and confidently identify situations that do need referral to a specialist.

I offer online courses for therapists of any experience level or area of specialty, in-person workshops and classes for therapists, consultation for therapists about sex issues and relationship therapy, and supervision for therapists in training. All of my training offerings focus on skillfully discussing sex and relational intimacy in therapy, and they include robust and reliable treatment interventions that will change your practice, and your clients’ lives, right away.

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Hear Martha discuss working with desire discrepancy on Shane Birkel’s podcast The Couples Therapist Couch.


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