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My mission is to help all therapists feel comfortable, competent, and confident discussing sex and relational intimacy in therapy.

Sex and sexuality are natural, healthy aspects of life! For many people, they are also important parts of developing a sense of identity and connecting deeply in relationship. Yet few therapy training programs address sex and sexuality adequately or equip their graduates with immediately applicable, effective strategies for discussing sexual concerns with clients.

Some clients turn to specialists, such as certified sex therapists, to discuss their concerns. But there aren’t nearly enough specialists to help everyone who has a sex issue, since sex issues affect everyone at one time or another. And frankly, many clients with concerns about sex don’t actually need a specialist. They do need a therapist who can discuss sex and relational intimacy comfortably and skillfully, use effective treatment strategies, and confidently identify situations that do need referral to a specialist.

I offer online courses for therapists of any experience level or area of specialty, in-person workshops and classes for therapists, consultation for therapists about sex issues and relationship therapy, and supervision for therapists in training. All of my training offerings focus on skillfully discussing sex and relational intimacy in therapy, and they include robust and reliable treatment interventions that will change your practice, and your clients’ lives, right away.

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Hear Martha discuss working with desire discrepancy on Shane Birkel’s podcast The Couples Therapist Couch.

Katherine Waddell

Martha is a consummate professional and dynamic teacher and speaker, with an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge about work with sexuality and couples…Martha’s work is really one of a kind

Dian Rains Allen

Martha is so generous and welcoming with her information and abundant resources, experience, online seminar leadership, and knowledge.

Kelly Scharver

Martha has an incredible talent to teach complicated material in a digestible way…I am incredibly grateful for all I have learned from her.

Lauren Ostrowski

"Martha provides a very safe learning environment for what can be a sensitive subject. She not only explains why therapists should open the door to a dialogue about sexuality, but also provides an incredibly effective screening tool and information about what to do or ask, as many different scenarios unfold in sessions. As my knowledge base grew exponentially, I learned many ways to help my clients articulate what they want with regard to sex and how partners can express this to each other. Martha gives a tremendous amount of herself and her knowledge to the course and she is committed to each person’s learning and understanding. This is very clearly her passion."

-Lauren Ostrowski, MA, LPC, NCC, DCC, CCTP Pottstown, PA

Dian Rains Allen

"Martha Kauppi’s brilliant course for therapists has invigorated and enhanced my practice with couples and individuals enormously. My clients benefit by my growing ability to address specific issues of concern in their sex lives. Myths and biases are replaced with facts and applicable approaches for change. I was amazed how comfortable my clients and I became with addressing these issues. Martha is so generous and welcoming with her information and abundant resources, experience, online seminar leadership, and knowledge. My only regret is that I had not taken this course earlier."

-Dian Rains Allen, Ph.D., MFT, LPCC–Vallejo California

Caron Smith

"Martha’s course material is excellent, and I can't tell you how much I enjoy having access to quality information. I am asking my clients about sex more often, and am becoming more relaxed in my approach to it. I put a link to Sex Resources on my website's homepage, and consequently, I am getting more clients who have issues pertaining to sexuality. It's great!"

-Caron Smith, MSW--Victoria, Canada

Brenda Kerr Minno

"One month after the end of Martha’s course, I am still organizing, integrating, and most importantly using the amazing wealth of very useful material. I will be happily referring colleagues when her course opens again!"

-Brenda Kerr Minno, LMFT, LMHC--Bellevue, WA

Nancy St. John

"Martha is such an incredibly skilled teacher. She has such clarity in the way she presents, and she’s the complete expert in what she does. Her passion for her work comes across very strongly, and she has a way of being able to make complicated subjects really easy to understand."

-Nancy St. John, Couples Counselor, Tullamore Ireland

Alexa Elkington

"Martha is amazing; her very calm and matter of fact approach to this topic creates an openness and acceptance in the class environment I have seldom experienced with other teachers.She makes herself available to answer questions, and is accepting and supportive of every student wherever they may be on the learning curve.I have taken many, many courses about sex and this was the best course I have ever taken."

-Alexa Elkington, MFT, Las Vegas, NV


"I started therapy with Martha after a significant life event, as many people do. It might sound a little odd, but after the second appointment with Martha it seemed like somehow she had the “instruction manual” for me. She always seemed to know how and when to challenge my limits around perceptions of issues. Martha was always respectful, but was not afraid to ask the important questions that really made me think about the ideas I was holding onto and whether they really served me well or not. I saw Martha for about a year and managed to move a lot of “baggage” that I had carried with me for my entire adult life. After being able to leave some of this baggage behind, life is easier and more enjoyable. Things don’t upset or derail me like they used to, I have a new found ability to manage the problems that life throws at me with relative ease. I can’t say enough good things about Martha, she was instrumental to the progress I made during my therapy and the tools she gave me to work out problems outside of therapy make all the difference."



"After 20 years together, the two of us had fallen into some pretty non-effective communication ruts, but knew we were deeply committed to each other and our relationship. Through just a handful of sessions with Martha, we were able to explore new ways to be genuinely interested in each other’s point of view and access a deeper level of love, passion, communication and understanding. Martha’s gentle and focused approach allowed us to feel comfortable and safe to explore areas of ourselves that previously had held us back from being better partners for each other. We continue to use the tools Martha taught us, to broaden our relationship with ourselves and each other. Connecting with Martha has been a blessing for our marriage."



"I’m a psychotherapist myself. When my 30-year marriage had sexual challenges, I had a hard time finding a therapist to work with. But with Martha, there was a difference: she could comfortably and confidently talk about intimate and potentially embarrassing topics, without any agenda about what I “should” do. She helped me discover where my feelings of shame and anger came from. I went home and rediscovered my love for my partner as we talked about things we should have discussed years ago. A year after Martha’s sessions, my relationship with my partner has shifted dramatically. We’re having fun and enjoying each other again, and our sexual relationship is the best it’s ever been."



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