The Institute for Relational Intimacy provides psychotherapy not only with Martha Kauppi, but also with carefully selected, fully licensed associate therapists. All therapists associated with the Institute have comfort and training working with sex issues, have unlimited access to consultation with Martha, and are extremely competent.

Lisa Yee, LMFT, CST

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am trained to understand my clients from a systemic perspective. This means that I consider what my clients are experiencing in all aspects of their lives including their family, work, friends, neighborhood and cultures. A better name for what I do is relational therapist, as I am always taking into consideration how the relationships my clients have are affecting them and influencing their lives. Even though I specialize in couples, I thoroughly enjoy working with individuals as well. In individual therapy I have the opportunity to connect with my client in a different manner than couples’ therapy, where the relationship becomes my client. I find some of my most rewarding work comes from helping individuals change problematic sexual behavior and overcome past sexual trauma.

I also specialize in sex therapy which means that not only am I comfortable talking about sex and intimacy; but that I have had additional training in sexual dysfunction and other sexual issues. I believe that life is too short to live without a truly intimate connection and I am motivated to help others learn to reconnect and save their relationship. I also feel that if a couple decides to end their relationship that it is important to do so in the best manner possible, which is why I offer divorce discernment counseling as well as help individuals and families adjust to divorce.