The Institute for Relational Intimacy provides psychotherapy not only with Martha Kauppi, but also with carefully selected, fully licensed associate therapists. All therapists associated with the Institute have comfort and training working with sex issues, have unlimited access to consultation with Martha, and are extremely competent.

Nancy Robinson


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Substance Use Specialty and over 10 years in the Mental Health Field. I am a trained Systemic Therapist which means I have the ability to look at an individual or couple and take into consideration each distinct part of their being and how it impacts who they are in the present day and who they want to be in the future.

I pride myself in being able to build an authentic relationship which each person I meet. I don’t like one-size-fits all approaches but use a wide variety of evidence-based practices and systemic theories to find what works best for you, while constantly evaluating and making changes along the way, through collaborating and open dialogue. I am a very active and direct therapist who is sex-positive, honest, compassionate, goal-oriented and empowering. I am skilled at helping clients with a wide array of issues that come up individually or in partnerships. I will walk this therapeutic path side-by-side with you, not behind, not ahead. We are in this together.

I am affirming and accepting of all lifestyles, partnerships, religions, ethnicities, capabilities, and sexual orientations. My goal is to make therapy a safe space for ALL. I truly believe that YOU are the expert on your life and I simply want to get to know you better so we can increase your wellness and healing.

I have quick availability with a lot of night and weekend appointment times so that we can start your journey quickly—no more waiting weeks to get an appointment with a provider. I also offer telehealth services (online video conferencing), through a secure HIPAA compliant platform. Online therapy is my passion because it allows convenience, safety, and some clients feel it offers greater confidentiality. You don’t have to worry about traffic or being sick and you get to meet from the comfort of your safe place where you can really tune into your healing process with me. Technology can be used in a very productive way where we can review videos and worksheets all from our online platform to enforce your healing toolkit.

Julia Cosgrove

Julia Cosgrove

I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist with more than five years of experience treating clients here in Madison. I’m flexible, open-minded, sex-positive, and LGBT-friendly.
Among other things, I help clients with:
  • Anxiety and depression
  • PTSD and other forms of trauma
  • Marriage and relationship conflicts
  • Major life transitions (divorce, career shifts, becoming a parent, and other big changes)
  • EMDR therapy (more information here)
(If you are looking for help with another kind of problem, please ask me about it. I do treat other issues as well, or may be able to recommend another provider.)
I am trained as a systems therapist, which means I look at your individual issues in relationship to the bigger picture — your family history, your work and home life, cultural and societal norms. My aim is to get to know you as the full, dynamic person you are, and not just a set of symptoms, so that we can figure out the most effective course of action to enable you to lead a more healthy and vital life.
Looking to get in right away? I keep my practice small, so that I can offer more flexible scheduling and give more of my attention to my clients.
I’m a native of the Madison area and have been practicing in the vibrant Atwood neighborhood for most of my career. When I’m not helping clients, I’m usually spending time with my husband, twin daughters, stepson, and our assortment of animals.