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Are there aspects of your relationship you would like to strengthen?

Are you struggling with who you are, want to be, or are expected to be?

Do you have health issues, belief systems, or relationship challenges that create blocks to sexual expression?

Are you experiencing a loss of passion or a sense of disconnect in your intimate relationship?

Does your life feel less creative and zesty than you would like?

I would love to help.




"I started therapy with Martha after a significant life event, as many people do. It might sound a little odd, but after the second appointment with Martha it seemed like somehow she had the “instruction manual” for me. She always seemed to know how and when to challenge my limits around perceptions of issues. Martha was always respectful, but was not afraid to ask the important questions that really made me think about the ideas I was holding onto and whether they really served me well or not. I saw Martha for about a year and managed to move a lot of “baggage” that I had carried with me for my entire adult life. After being able to leave some of this baggage behind, life is easier and more enjoyable. Things don’t upset or derail me like they used to, I have a new found ability to manage the problems that life throws at me with relative ease. I can’t say enough good things about Martha, she was instrumental to the progress I made during my therapy and the tools she gave me to work out problems outside of therapy make all the difference."



"After 20 years together, the two of us had fallen into some pretty non-effective communication ruts, but knew we were deeply committed to each other and our relationship. Through just a handful of sessions with Martha, we were able to explore new ways to be genuinely interested in each other’s point of view and access a deeper level of love, passion, communication and understanding. Martha’s gentle and focused approach allowed us to feel comfortable and safe to explore areas of ourselves that previously had held us back from being better partners for each other. We continue to use the tools Martha taught us, to broaden our relationship with ourselves and each other. Connecting with Martha has been a blessing for our marriage."



"I’m a psychotherapist myself. When my 30-year marriage had sexual challenges, I had a hard time finding a therapist to work with. But with Martha, there was a difference: she could comfortably and confidently talk about intimate and potentially embarrassing topics, without any agenda about what I “should” do. She helped me discover where my feelings of shame and anger came from. I went home and rediscovered my love for my partner as we talked about things we should have discussed years ago. A year after Martha’s sessions, my relationship with my partner has shifted dramatically. We’re having fun and enjoying each other again, and our sexual relationship is the best it’s ever been."



I believe that relationships—with ourselves, our families, our partners, our cultures, and our communities—form the context for life and provide some of the richest material for both joy and struggle.

Improving any of our relationships improves every aspect of life. I am a skilled relationship counselor, and I love to work with individuals and intimate partnerships addressing relational challenges, improving communication between partners, exploring improved intimate connection, and increasing a sense of joy in life.


I have specialized training in all aspects of sexuality, including LGBTQAI+ and gender issues, and I stay up to date on the latest research, developments, and resources in the fields of sexology and sexual health. My background in health care as a midwife gives me a deep understanding of sexual function, which in turn informs effective treatment of sexual dysfunction.

I have trained for three years with Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson who created the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy. This model integrates attachment, differentiation and neuroscience, resulting an extremely effective approach to relational challenges.


The Institute for Relational intimacy provides psychotherapy not only with Martha Kauppi, but also with carefully selected, fully licensed associates.



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