Becoming a Real Expert: Kelly’s Story

Last year, I received a frantic message from one of my colleagues, Kelly. She had been asked to give an interview with a local TV station—to give a couples counselor view on how couples improve their sex life.

How could she handle this? She didn’t want to flub the interview or come off like she didn’t know what she was talking about. On the other hand, if she could pull it off, it would be great publicity for her practice, and the wisdom she could share might reach someone who would never otherwise come in to a therapist’s office.

With those high stakes in mind, Kelly reached out to me, asking me what she should share.

I was thrilled for Kelly, and, from our previous conversations, I already know she would do an amazing job. All she needed was a handful of surefire talking points. I sent her all the course material from one of my modules, and told her to get out there and rock it.

Of course, she did. “I felt like an expert and not a fake expert. It was wild. I must have tapped your energy,” Kelly told me. She also told me that she had learned more in reading that one pdf I sent her than in a 6 week course she had taken previously on sexuality in couples counseling. Kelly signed up right then for my 16 week online course, Assessing and Treating Sex Issues in Psychotherapy.

I was, and still am, so proud of her success. With that experience, and as my course progressed, I saw Kelly’s confidence and competence grow so much as she posted cases in the discussion group, and participated actively in supporting colleagues in the course. Kelly now regularly and successfully works with clients’ sex issues, easily integrating my materials into her expertise as a couple therapist. The next time she has the opportunity to do an interview about couple sexual relationships, she won’t need help from me. Kelly’s clients are SO lucky to have her.

This is just one example of the amazing things participants in my course go on to do. Where can my course take you? Click here to learn more.