Free E-Book: 10 Reasons EVERY Therapist Should Talk About Sex in Therapy–And How to Get Started

Free E-Book: 10 Reasons EVERY Therapist Should Talk About Sex in Therapy–And How to Get Started

Why would you bring up sex in therapy with your client? It feels hard. It feels scary. It feels taboo. In this e-book, I will explain

  • Why it is important to your existing clients that you develop skill bringing up sex, sticking with the topic, and helping with the problem
  • Why sex is important to all clients, not just the ones with sex-related problems
  • Why talking about sex in therapy is something all therapists can and should do, regardless of area of specialty
  • How talking about sex in therapy will help you keep the clients you already have
  • How talking about sex in therapy will set you apart from your competitors and build your practice

And as a bonus I have included:

  • Tried and true, thoroughly tested language for opening up the topic of sex appropriately and with confidence
  • My favorite technique for helping therapists develop confidence bringing up sex in therapy

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Martha’s no-nonsense approach and language helped make talking about sex with couples in therapy easy. Since taking Martha’s class, I have found that couples usually welcome the chance to share the sexual aspects of their relationship in therapy, leading to a more comprehensive conversation and increasing the value of our work together.

Robin K. Schnitzler Relationship Therapy of Madison

Frequently in session there comes a point where a therapist wonders, “How does sex play into this dynamic?” How can it not! Some therapists are ready to deal with that, others are not. I wasn’t. As a generalist therapist I expected that if it really needed to be dealt with then I could send the client to a specialized sex therapist. However, Martha’s training provided me with tools and approaches that have enabled me to better assess and assist clients. Her approach is infinitely practical and grounded in experience. Not only do I appreciate this improvement to my practice, so do my clients.”

CJ Webster MS, MFT