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The Key To Resolving Couple Conflict? Uncovering Internal Motivation to Change

In my last post, I wrote about one of my strategies for working with couple conflict when partners strongly disagree. This week, I’m going to talk more about how I make space for partners to shift and grow by taking pressure off of gridlock, and creating a more creative, fluid space for collaboration. When a […]

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Shifting An Unhelpful Dynamic in Desire Discrepancy

Many of the couples I work with are struggling with issues related to desire discrepancy. All too often, I discover that the higher-desire partner is expressing their distress in the most counterproductive manner possible. It can be extremely distressing to be in a monogamous relationship with a much lower desire partner and a lifelong commitment. […]

What Terms Should I Use When Talking About Sex In Therapy?

When you’re talking about sex with your clients, how do you know what kind of language to use? Lots of therapists have told me that they worry about using the wrong words and end up making their clients feel uncomfortable. How do you strike that balance between “too clinical” and “too casual”? It’s a tricky […]

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