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Reader Question: What Do You Do When There’s Love But No Lust?

What do you do when you have a couple with love, but no lust? Where one (or both) partners feels a deep affection for and connection with the other, but no physical attraction? This is such a great question, because this situation occurs very often, and many people, therapists and couples alike, think of this […]

3 Reasons Therapy Clients Need to Discuss Sex, Not Just Connection

Q: I was taught, and have frequently heard, the truism that if you clear up a couple’s emotional connection in therapy, their sexual connection will heal all by itself. In light of all that I have been learning in your course, I am beginning to think this might be wrong. What do you think? A: […]

Beyond communication skills: What DOES improve intimacy?

Last week, I showed you why focusing solely on couple communication in therapy won’t fix sexual intimacy issues. This week, I’m building on that theme and asking the question: where DOES couple connection fit in the conversation about sexual intimacy? You might be surprised by the answer. As therapists, we work very hard to build […]