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Modelling Consent in the Therapy Room

Whenever I teach a class about sex, there’s one thing I hear over and over: “Wow, I learned so much about consent!” I’m glad that my students are learning a lot, but I also take that as indication that we’re not getting nearly enough education about consent from our schools, from our families, or from […]

Nuances of Consent: The Therapist’s Side

Recently, I wrote a blog post about consent, and discussed how the most common kinds of consent violations are much more subtle and insidious than those we see discussed in the media. Today I want to discuss a related question: as a therapist, how might you see this showing up in your therapy room, and […]

How to Set Loving Goals for Lifestyle Change

For the last few weeks I’ve been writing about different aspects of self-image, body positivity, and health. This is difficult material because our culture is steeped in body-negativity, harsh judgments and confusion between health and body size. My hope is that I can inspire you to think about this material from a new perspective, one grounded […]