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One question you can’t fail to ask your clients

I know from experience as a therapist how difficult working with desire discrepancy can be. Some of the most distressed, frustrated, angry, hurt couples I’ve worked with have been struggling with all the difficult feelings that come with mismatched desire. There is just so much to be upset about. We invent a lot of stories […]

The Discovery That Turned My Practice Around

When I got out of graduate school, I had taken one and only one course in couple therapy. I was lucky to have a very gifted teacher, and I loved the class and learned a lot. But in my internship, I was faced with some extremely challenging couple clients—some of the most challenging clients I […]

Modelling Consent in the Therapy Room

Whenever I teach a class about sex, there’s one thing I hear over and over: “Wow, I learned so much about consent!” I’m glad that my students are learning a lot, but I also take that as indication that we’re not getting nearly enough education about consent from our schools, from our families, or from […]

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