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Polyamory and COVID-19: Staying Connected

Today, I want to discuss polyamory and COVID-19 and staying connected. A lot of this advice can be applied to anyone who’s trying to stay connected with people they’re socially isolated from, including friends, although some of it does, of course, deal with staying connected in a sexual sense.  I’m focusing specifically on polyamorous relationships, […]

Polyamory and COVID-19: Hard Decisions

Polyamory and COVID-19: Hard Decisions

Polyamorous people and people in non-monogamous relationships are experiencing some very specific and unique challenges right now. Many of them are socially distanced from one or more partners, which is difficult in itself, and made much more difficult by the fact that, for most polyam people, it’s very hard to access adequate emotional support, because […]

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Self-Pleasure That’s Really About Pleasure

Self-pleasure is a particularly relevant topic right now, as COVID-19 reshapes the way we conduct our lives, including our intimate lives. Many of us are quarantined, sheltering in place, or socially-isolated, and most of us are avoiding unnecessary contact with others, even if we’re still going to a physical workplace. Some are separated from partners, […]