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Resolution: Start Loving Your Body, Today

If you were to make a list of everything you love about the way your body looks, and everything you wish you could change about it, which list would be longer? How much of the “don’t love it” list would have to do with body size? Where did you learn that your body must look […]

Life After STIs: The Therapist’s Role

For most of my clients, the first few weeks after diagnosis are the hardest time. As a midwife, I diagnosed people in a busy gynecology clinic. I’ve been up close and personal with the fear, shame, and trauma that people experience when they learn they have an STI. As a therapist, I work with clients […]

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How to Talk About STIs with Your Clients

If you’re going to talk about sex, you probably can’t avoid talking about STIs. STIs will come up as a natural part of discussion of intimate relationships, communication between partners, and negotiations involving new or multiple partners. But how can you handle such a stigmatized topic? Here are the basics that you need to know: […]