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Personal Preference, or Perpetuation of Oppression?

I just returned from the AASECT annual conference in Philadelphia, and it was, in my opinion, a particularly excellent conference this year. In the next couple months, I’ll share some of the thoughts that are stirring around for me in the aftermath of the presentations and workshops I attended. First up, I want to tell […]

Coming Out As Poly? Here Are Some Things to Consider:

If you’re a poly person who is considering coming out to friends, family, or coworkers, or a therapist working with a poly client who is weighing the pros and cons of coming out, here are some things to consider: The risks of coming out are real. The stigma around poly is a sad reality. Unfortunately, […]

Why Many Poly People Don’t Come Out

Coming out as poly is a fraught issue. The reality is that poly people often are subjected to significant discrimination when they come out. I have known or have worked with poly people who have experienced tensions at work, lost friends, had family members sever connections, and been subject to subtle and not-so-subtle ostracism. So […]

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