A Trend I Notice in Polyamory

Polyamory is part of the cultural conversation now, and at some point you’re going to have clients who are either practicing or considering it. In my last blog post, I described the primary/secondary structure, which has historically been the most common arrangement for polyamorous relationships (for more details, see this post).  However, primary/secondary is not […]

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Why Would Someone Want to Be A Secondary Partner?

Every now and then someone asks me: “Why on earth would anyone want to be a secondary partner in a polyamorous relationship?” For some context, many polyam relationships have a primary-secondary structure. Generally, this refers to a situation in which there is a pair of partners, one of them has a relationship with another person, […]

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The Perspective You Need to Work Effectively With Poly Clients

There’s one fact you must know in order to work effectively with poly clients. This is it: poly can and does work. That is, poly relationships can be just as healthy, happy, and fulfilling as monogamous ones.  Monogamous relationships are the norm in our culture. In the media, our families, and in our communities, we […]

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