Orgasm and Heart Conditions

X-ray of chest, showing ribs and heart

Q: Can women of mature age experience lack of orgasm due to coronary artery problems? First, I want to make the point that it’s been clearly established  that erectile dysfunction is an early warning signs of heart disease–so much so that I would urge any person who has experienced a sudden change in their erectile […]

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10 Calming Strategies for Managing Conflict

I’m sure you’ve been there: in a haze of hurt and resentment, you blurted out something cruel. You know that you didn’t really mean it, but, days later, your partner is still hurting from your unkind words. You wish you could time-travel back to that moment and clap a hand over your mouth, but it’s […]

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How To Keep Fights From Damaging Your Relationship

Think back to the last big disagreement you had with your partner. Do you cringe when you remember saying something you wish you could take back? Do you feel a jolt of pain when you remember something your partner said, even though they didn’t really mean it? How long did it take you to repair […]

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