How Self-Pleasure Can Help Partners Stay Close in the face of COVID-19

self pleasure

 Last week, I blogged about how COVID-19 has impacted people’s romantic and sexual lives. Today, I’m following up by offering some practical advice for how people can maintain a fulfilling intimate connection and a joyful sex life, even when they’re socially distanced from their partners. I’m going to be focusing on self-pleasure, because it’s […]

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Sex and Intimacy in the Era of COVID-19


 COVID-19 is dramatically changing the way people share intimacy and date. This is affecting a lot of people, particularly single people who are dating or seeking new partners, people who are in established relationships who don’t live together, people who live together but don’t want to share germs, and polyamorous people, who may live […]

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The Disaster That Forced Me To Move My Practice Online


Right now, therapists around the globe are being forced to rethink their practices, learn how to move to online sessions, and deal with the financial ramifications of a slump in their practices—on top of the pandemic anxiety and associated losses, changes in responsibility, and shifts in community involvement that everyone’s experiencing.  Two years ago, the […]

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