Why I Teach Anatomy to My Clients

X-ray of chest, showing ribs and heart

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I think discussing sex in therapy is crucial. Sex issues have emotional ramifications, and I hope I’ve convinced you that the ability to communicate openly and honestly about sexual desires, preferences, and boundaries is an important relationship skill, and that therapists have a […]

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Promoting Healthy Differences of Opinion Between Partners

Many people are braced for the fight, prepared to defend their position, accustomed to feeling wronged or slighted, and exhausted from repetitive fights that have gotten nowhere. Separating the perception of criticism from ACTUAL criticism is key, and distinguishing between differences of opinion and criticism of one another’s viewpoints is part of this. Defensiveness is […]

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Links on Body Positivity

We all imbibe harmful messages from our culture about our bodies. Too short, too tall, too fat, too thin–everyone has felt that they don’t measure up in one way or another, and body hatred has real and harmful consequences for our health and happiness. Body shame can also hurt our relationships. Among other things, it […]

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