How to Understand the Stories That Shape Our Lives

We make sense of reality by means of story. It’s human nature. And the stories we tell ourselves deeply shape our lives. They determine how we see ourselves in relation to others and how we connect our disparate experiences into an overarching narrative. There’s a term that therapists like to use: “making meaning.” It refers […]

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Overseeing the End of a Relationship as a Couples’ Therapist

As a relationship therapist, I know I have a few beliefs that are a bit controversial for my field. One of those beliefs is this: the end of the relationship can be a perfectly good resolution to a couples’ therapy. Let’s say that, after a long and complicated therapy, the partners look at each other […]

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What Everyone Needs to Know About Painful Sex

Couple fighting

Sex shouldn’t hurt. Too many people believe that having some pain with vaginal penetration is normal and to be expected. That’s simply not true. NO ONE should be having painful sex–unless it’s the kind of pain that is desired and negotiated in advance. Pain with sex is not something you just have to put up […]

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